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Submit Your Band to North Texas Radio

A huge part of this site will be music from the North Texas music scene. This will include bands, events, live music clubs etc. If you have anything you’d like to add email me and we’ll see what we can do to promote it.

As this site is brand spanking new, currently the Local Music section is essentially a blank canvas and we’re looking to fill it up. Now would be the best time to send in any band, show, links or any other promotional information you would want us to look at/listen to. There is also a chance it will receive play on the North Texas Radio music rotation. No guarantees on anything but we will do our damnedest to try to fit you in.

A few things to note:

Any of the profiles on the Local Music page can be edited and controlled by the band/musician. If the band wants to, we’ll have them set up a password where they can go in and edit their profile. They can put up new videos, show dates, etc. It would have to be verified with the band before being posted for the first time (for ownership). 

The Profiles rotate – all of the profiles start at the top of the page and every hour they move down one spot until they reach the bottom. Then the profile appears at the top of the page again and the process is repeated. This way there is no favoritism and every profile gets equal visibility.

All the band profiles link to a Forum page that goes along with it, you don’t have to take part. If you want you can, and I can “sticky” your comments to the top of your band’s thread. If you don’t want to be in the Forum I’ll remove the topic.

As the Local Music section gets larger it will be broken down into areas/cities. I’ll be putting in sidebar menus and making things a bit more organized. This isn’t happening yet but every profile has to have a city that it is associated with so I can set it up.

— David   

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