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North Texas Radio Announcement 08/01/2017

Follow up to the previous announcement. Last nite was the deadline, we went ahead and paid, It looks like we’re getting double billed. Paying the one service that covers ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, & SoundExchange and then because of that services dispute with ASCAP we’re also paying ASCAP separately. I don’t want to get into details and finger pointing because I don’t know anything for sure and besides what good will it do?

I do fear that the expenses will get out of hand. I’m not asking for donations here, if it gets to where we can’t afford it we’ll just have to make changes. It would be a huge endeavor to change over into only playing music and other audio that is copyright free but it may be the only solution.

For now though, nothing has changed. North Texas Radio will continue broadcasting as it always has. Eclectic, independent and commercial free.

Edit: Just came across this –  Small webcasters rocked by licensing issues