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North Texas Radio Announcement 07/11/2017

North Texas Radio has always acted above the board; paying artists, producers, record labels etc. the royalty fees that are required to legally stream their music. We’ve weathered a couple of rate increases and in the beginning of the year it looked like there might not be an agreement and we might have been forced to shut down. Luckily that passed and things went back to more or less normal.

Once again there is an issue that seems serious. We’ve been making payments to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, & SoundExchange through StreamLicensing LLC. and they’re having a dispute with ASCAP. We are willing (and can afford) to pay ASCAP on our own but if we end up having to pay each individual “rights organization” individually at the rates I’ve been quoted it’s completely impossible. SoundExchange seems to be the biggest issue as they charge per listener and conceivably the rates could become thousands of dollars a month (I’ve seen figures of tens of thousands of dollars a month for a thousand concurrent listeners). This is just not affordable.

Lots of rumors are flying around and we just don’t know what’s going to happen. We should know by the end of the month. Hopefully It will be straightened out and we can continue playing the best damn music on the web. If not we will be changing formats to independent unreleased music and other kinds of copyright free and public domain audio. I believe in my heart North Texas Radio will still be the best streaming radio on the net but it will take time to put everything together. I’ll really miss playing the Velvet Underground though.